Joy of Reading


Children’s Stories

The Black Hound

A tale from India

Shakra, king of the gods, arose from his golden throne and peered down towards the earth. There were shining seas and pearl-like clouds, snow-capped mountains and continents of many colors. It was beautiful, yet Shakra felt uneasy. Continue reading “The Black Hound”

The argument sticks

An iroquois tale

Two Iroquois boys were arguing. Neither would admit he was wrong. They were about to come to blows over this. Continue reading “The argument sticks”

White Christmas

‘Christmas is coming,’ people were saying at Rushida’s school.

‘What’s the best thing about Christmas?’ Rushida asked her friend Jane. Continue reading “White Christmas”

Believe me

Once upon a time there was a woman who had three dogs. One of them was elderly. The other not so much. The third was a fidgety puppy, always running around.

They all belonged to the same breed. Don’t ask me which, because I’m very ignorant about makes of dogs and breeds of cars – pardon! – breeds of dogs and makes of cars. Continue reading “Believe me”

A Flower Exhibition

Nearby, there was a flower exhibition. Natural flowers, I must say. Nor would it make any sense, if it was an exhibition of plastic flowers. Or of cloth flowers. Or of paper flowers. Or of flowers on paintings. Continue reading “A Flower Exhibition”

A Storyless Wall

A wall in ruins asked me to tell its story.

What can possibly be told about a mossy and ivy-claded wall, bordering a pathway of almost no use?

At one end of the wall there is half a stone arch, suggesting the use of a door or gate of yesteryear. At the other end, an upright stone marks the corner around which only a few loose stones witness the former existence of part of a house, which used to meet the old wall there. Continue reading “A Storyless Wall”

A Soap’s Life

He was a brand new soap, newly-made, never used before. He had never taken a bath before.

Inside the drawer of that drugstore where he, together with many others, was waiting to be sold, he had already asked, very timidly:
“What am I good for, anyway?” Continue reading “A Soap’s Life”

Pink Words and Grey Words

Once upon a time, there were shops on Earth which sold pink words and shops which sold grey words. The former sold words such as I love you, I think of you, Thank you very much, If you please…The latter sold words such as Sillyhead, Bugger off, Shut up

In those days, pink words were much more in demand than grey words. Pink word sellers made big profits and there was always a sweet scent around the Earth. Grey word sellers seldom had customers, and only when there were big quarrels. Continue reading “Pink Words and Grey Words”

The house that love built

This is a true story. It happened in France after World War I where a whole village had been destroyed by the fighting.

Marie woke with a start to inky blackness and the familiar smell of dirt. Her small body shivered from the damp cold. As she roused herself to rearrange her rough bed of rags and burlap on the dirt floor, the nightmare that had jolted her from sleep closed around her head like a dark cloud. She had been having that nightmare every night. Continue reading “The house that love built”

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