The basis of life is freedom

The basis of life is freedom, the purpose of life is joy, and the result of life is growth. For me, this triad of freedom, joy and growth is the foundation of a grown-up spirituality based upon the new paradigm in science—a spirituality of unconditional love, in which we are sparks of an infinite and omnipresent Source of energy consciousness. 

We are learning to be co-creators with Source energy—which means that we are constantly giving birth to new dreams and desires that we are finding out how to manifest in physical reality.

Life is like an ever-evolving garden, and each of us is a garden designer. We get to choose everything in our unique garden: the location and size, type of landscape, what to plant, special features, everything.

We can create a squalid patch of lawn with a few scraggly and neglected plants, or a heavenly paradise with acres of flower beds, meandering paths, woodlands, lakes and waterfalls—or anything in between. We can tend, weed and water our garden with care, or allow it to become overgrown and neglected. We can design a new garden from time to time, or just enrich and improve upon an existing garden. And we can invite whomever we like into our garden. The garden is entirely our own creation.

Yet most of us create a life that is rather less than heavenly. Unless we are careful, we fall asleep and drift through the weeks and months and years—lost in consensus reality, in the busyness and roles and dramas of our ego, or the needs and expectations of others. Forgetting who we really are. Forgetting that we are the artists.

Then we might wake one day to find that our life is nearly over – and looking back, it was a life of muddy browns and greys rather than rich technicolour.

It was not what we would have chosen for ourselves, had we woken up in time. It was a life that belonged to other people. If we are not Self-centred, then as Ezra Pound warns us, “life slips by like a field mouse.”

Gill Edwards


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