Open Letter to a Youngster

Dear Youngster

There’s nothing old-fashioned in trying to behave with dignity in your relationships with the opposite sex. Your body is neither an object nor a mechanism that you cannot control.

In a relationship, affection is much more important than sex.

The lack of tenderness makes people become aggressive with one another. Never be hasty. Sexual contacts won’t get you closer to the person you think you like.

It’s a big illusion to mistake physical attraction for love. Leave sexual experiences for when you have a truly mature relationship. Otherwise, you can be sure that, sooner or later, everything will collapse.

Don’t put pleasure ahead of affection and respect. Let time do its job. Have you ever tried to eat a fruit that is still unripe?

There is too much talk about love, but, in most cases, it is all based on appearance.

Don’t anticipate experiences that should only take place when there is enough respect and tenderness to make a relationship solid. Otherwise, there will only be emptiness waiting for you.

Haste can have serious consequences: an unplanned pregnancy, for example. We will abort the pregnancy, you say. But do you find it right to kill a life, especially when it was your irresponsibility that created it?

Don’t also forget sexually transmitted diseases and the enormous suffering they cause. You may think that protected sexual relations are the solution, but bear in mind that the solution consists in truly becoming a responsible adult, and learning to behave with righteousness and dignity.

The human being is not an irrational animal that acts driven by heat. He is a thinking and creative being, capable of making choices and decisions, who must reflect on his actions.

The amount of films and soap operas that are poured incessantly into people’s minds distort the real meaning of human conduct, leading to vulgarity and to the imitation of behaviour which is rude, if not clearly unethical.

You must develop your critical thinking in order not to become another sheep in an immense, obtuse and amorphous flock, which allows itself to be led by anyone.

Don’t forget that life is an opportunity too precious to be wasted with whims and fantasies. Seek justice and try to contribute to a better society.

I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart.



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